Tea time is over……for now

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to touch base and update you all on some news.

Bella’s Teapot is in the process of being sold. So we are closed for the meantime. This is a decision that was thought about for sometime. There are many factors that were used to make this choice. So, thank you for understanding.

First off, I want to thank our loyal customers who were kind and wonderful to have. You guys remind us why we love to do what we do, so thank you for all of your great stories, kind words, ecouragement, pure happiness and appreciation. It means more than words can say and you are proof that there are still (a little bit)  of good people in the world. we wish you nothing but best and please keep on spreading your happiness and good vibes cause the world today needs as much of it as possible. xoxoxo

And the rest of you need a sage dance and some tea to wash away all that negativity. Peace, love and good vibes.


xoxox Bella’s Teapot

Tips for a fun Tea Party!!!

Here are a few tips for a fun tea party at Bella’s Teapot.

  • Make sure all the people in your party are on time. You can’t be seated until your entire party arrives. The sooner they show up the sooner you get to PARTY!! The person who makes the reservation is responsable for communicating this information to the entire party.  Your tea party starts at your reserved time.
  • Listen to the server. They are knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have. Please respect them and don’t talk over them or at them, regardless of their age and appearance. Thank you.
  • Respect the menu and all it guidelines. We have lots of dairy and gluten in our food. However we do have gluten-free items always available but we may not always have dairy-free items available. We try our best to accommodate our customers health choices and allergies. All we ask is that you understand that what we specialize in usually contains gluten and dairy. If you have had a tea service, you would understand that. If not, that’s ok. We are here to educate you and show you what we do and what we are about, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Don’t forget your etiquette
  • Most of all BE HAPPY & HAVE FUN!!!! 

Children Ages 6& Up Information

We accommodate children ages 6 & up. We have an age limit for safety precautions. We have concrete floors, large glass tables, white leather chairs and large tea pot’s. Our tea pot’s can hold 24-32oz of HOT TEA. All it takes is a split second for a small, curious child to reach for one and get hurt. Our tea room was not designed to accommodate small children. Bella’s Teapot was designed to cater to a more mature audience. There are many tea rooms in the Denver Metro area that cater to small children’s parties and have the supplies to do so. They can easily be found on Google. 

We apologize for any frustration’s this may cause. However, please respect our request.

We have had the following experiences with customers and our age requirement. We kindly ask you not to part-take. Thanks.

  • Customers call and lie about the child/children’s age. Especially after the staff asked them kindly if there was anyone under the age of 6 in their party before confirming the reservation.
  • Customers call the tea room and get verbally aggressive with the staff because they believe their small child is responsable enough, and the age limit does not apply to them, however, we still don’t accommodate their “special” request.
  • Customers call us and tell us that the child is too small and in a stroller. However, in reality the child is a toddler or older and becomes loud and disruptive because he/she is miserable in the stroller. This is not fair to the child, yourself or the other customers in the tearoom. 

Ignoring this request can result in our inability to host your tea party.

Again, we kindly ask you to please respect our request

Thank you for your cooperation.


When are you open?

New Hours of Operation: Monday- CLOSED ,Tuesday11am-3pm, Wendsday-Sunday 10:30am-4:30pm

What are we?

We are a “High End” Afternoon Tearoom that provides an authentic Afternoon Tea Service that is made fresh daily on-site. We are not a tea bar and we do not sell coffee, cola, or snacks. Instead, we offer an experience with chemical-free tea’s, tea cup’s, hat’s, boa’s and fabulous food!! An Afternoon Tea Service has been celebrated in the United States since the mid 1700’s. We have a beautiful, modern tearoom located at The Streets of SouthGlenn, where we serve a classic, yet delicious Tea Service at an affordable price. 

Do we have Gluten-Free options?

Yes! We have a Gluten-Free Tea Service, Gluten-Free Tea & Sandwiches and a Tea & Salad. Click on the Menu tab to view options.

Do we have Dairy-Free options?

Yes! We have a Tea & Salad option and we can remove the Feta cheese. Everything else has dairy in it.

Did we name our tea room after Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

Thank you for the compliment, however, we did not, not at all.

Can we teach etiquette?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

Do we do children’s tea parties?

Yes! Ages 6 & UP!!

Do you need to make resevations?

If it’s just 2 people than, no. for more than 2 people we recommend a reservation just so we can have your table ready on time for you and your party. However, if you walk in, and we have room, we will gladly accomodate you.

Can you bring your own party supplies?

Yes! Except for NO OUTSIDE FOOD! You can bring whatever you want as long as you take it ALL with you when you are done with your tea party. If you plan on bringing a cake please let us know in advance so we have a place to store it if needed.



Catering, Private Tea Parties, Children’s Tea Parties, Hours

Hi guys!

We have been getting a lot of inquiry about catering, private parties and hours. So I wanted to update you all and let you know what has been going on! We are getting busy and doing great! Just 2 weeks in! Along with that comes a lot of questions about many things and ideas. I hope this information gives more insight as to what we do.


We do not cater Tea Parties outside of our tea room. That requires a whole new set of permits and insurance that we do not have. However, we would love to host you and your event in our beautiful, modern, tea room.


We do accommodate Private Tea Parties of various types such as Birthday’s, Graduations, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers Ect. For more information please contact us.


We accommodate children’s Tea Parties AGES 6 & UP. We love hearing about children having tea parties at home! Some of the children that have come into our tea room have been great to have! We enjoy watching them take in the full experience, especially the dress up!  However, our tearoom is modern, with real china from around the would, concrete floors, glass tables and white & black leather chairs with no arm rest. So a child below the age of six can get seriously injured and that is the last thing we want. No one wants to see a child get hurt no matter the circumstance. When they are of age, we would love nothing more than to host them in our lovely tearoom!


We are in the process of changing our hours online. Tea Time is  Monday-Tuesday 11:00am-3:00pm Wendsday-Sunday 10:30am-4:30pm.  Walk in’s are welcomed, reservations prefered for parties larger than 2.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us here at or you can call the tea room at 303-484-1464. We look forward to having you for tea.


New Weekly Menu Choices

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and checking out our website!! I’m excited to see such interest! Trust me you wont regret it! I wanted to let you know that we are adding new Tea options to our menu that will be available weekdays only.  Have three new items:

Tea & Salad $12.50

Tea & Sandwiches $15.00

Tea & Sweets $17.00

The menu will be posted here shortly with a more detailed description as of to what you specifically get with each option. However, the weekends will be a set menu offering only the full afternoon tea service.

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out! I ‘ll be back soon with more updates! In the mean time, come check us out at The Streets of Southglenn!

We are open and ready to serve you!!

HI Everyone!!!!!

IT’S OFFICAL!!!! WE ARE OPEN!!! Come in and enjoy an AMAZING afternoon tea service! Our tearoom is spacious and modern and our tea service is authentic and fresh! We have 4 differant tea sandwiches Tomato & Cheddar Cheese, Egg Salad, Cucumber & Garlic Herb Cream Cheese and Chicken Salad with Appple Slices. Our Sweets for the month are a Cream Scome with Clotted cream and jelly, a Carrot Cookie with Orange Royal Icing, a Chocolate Tart and a Lemon Cheffon Cake with an Orange reduction and Raspberry mousse! All of our food is made in-house fresh daily! We have hats, boas, tea cups and delicious food but most of all we have lots of FUN! Come Check us out at The Streets of Southglenn in South Denver! Or on facebook! Our address is:

Bella’s Teapot, 6851 S. Gaylord St. #242, Centennial, CO 80122

Phone# 3034841464

We hope to see you soon!


Under Construction! Tearoom Coming soon!!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting our website! As you can see we are still working on things! Our fabulous tearoom will be open in Mid March! We are in the middle of contruction, and everything is looking amazing!! We will keep on working on our web site and update you as our construction comes closer to an end! We will also update you with contact information so you can get your reservations in!!! Thanks for checking us out!! I hope to see you sipping tea soon!